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How often is it that we set that New Year Resolution, only to find by the end of January that it has faded into the distance of the previous year.

Once January is over, never to be seen again, we are looking down the barrel of the new business year, the new school year, the new action for achievement for the next eleven months.

So here we are at the end of January 2016. Where do you sit with your resolutions for this year? If you have fallen into the resolution ‘fade out’, the solution is here.

Resetting our goals is as important as making them in the first place. The end of January is the perfect time to reassess and reset our plans as the year begins to be busy.

Think again about the year ahead and how you want it to end. By next Christmas how do you want to be feeling? Ask yourself now, out loud, what you want to have achieved. Create a picture of yourself in your mind and how you would look having achieved your plans.

Now, write down a list of steps to set your plan in motion. Make your steps achievable, starting with what you will do tomorrow to reinforce your written plan from today. Date your written steps, from commencement to completion. As you work through them during the year, if for some reason your completion date is not met, reset a new completion date and write this down.

When you have completed your list of steps plan, read it out loud to yourself three times. Then, as soon as possible, find someone else you would like to read your plan to out loud. Ask that person if they would mind listening to your 2016 plan. Most people would ‘jump at the chance’ to listen to someone else’s goals and plans for the year. It may just spark a slight feeling of guilt in themselves because they may not have even thought of their plans or goals at all, much less a written list of them.

So go ahead, reassess and reset your Resolution for 2016. Who knows, in doing so, you could be finding the solution for someone else as well.


Penelope Patch

Inwork Australia

Inwork Australia

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