Do resumes really work for you?

By RalphH |

Most of us think that our resume is really great, however, who are we comparing with? Does everyone else think the same? If every job seeker spent one whole day perusing resumes as a recruiter does for a living, their entire attitude towards this task would change.

Your Resume is a passport to your next Job so put some effort into making it great!

Do your research first, then write your killer resume.

Author Ralph Hunter

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The Magic Myth

By RalphH |

Ever wonder why some people are able to effortlessly get whatever job they want.

When younger, I used to think that ‘some people’ just had ‘the magic’ and some didn’t. At least, that’s what it seemed like at the time. Many years later I learnt that ‘the magic’ was simply an illusion, as magic is. ‘These people’ learnt from childhood how to get what they wanted using what we all have, yet don’t understand or are able to use to our advantage…

Presentation, Charm and Communication Skills

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Resolution Solution

By Inwork Australia |

How often is it that we set that New Year Resolution, only to find by the end of January that it has faded into the distance of the previous year.

Once January is over, never to be seen again, we are looking down the barrel of the new business year, the new school year, the new action for achievement for the next eleven months.

So here we are at the end of January 2016. Where do you sit with your resolutions for this year? If you have fallen into the resolution ‘fade out’, the solution is here.

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