Ralph Hunter

“A Company is only as strong as the calibre of the people working within it.”  RALPH HUNTER

Ralph Hunter has been recognised in the Australian employment industry for over 30 years as a successful placement and training specialist.

Ralph started work in the building industry where he holds trade qualifications. In addition, Ralph also has diverse experience in many areas including teaching, counselling, sales, administration and business management.

Over many years, Ralph has developed a team of industry professionals who work in employment and employment related training.  This involves all levels of Government, business and industry, schools and job seekers. Ralph’s reputation for implementing creative, practical solutions to all problems, including the most challenging and insurmountable, is a testament to years of experience and innovation. Through his career in employment services, Ralph has worked with job seekers from unskilled through to professional, ranging in age from 14 – 70 years, putting into action his unique ability to bring out the best in his clients.

Being a professional businessman, Ralph deals with the pressures common to businesses today. Working closely with businesses of all sizes and with personal experience from the shop floor through to management, Ralph is widely recognised as the “troubleshooter” assisting businesses with their employment challenges.

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In Work
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In Work is well known as a Company with a very high reputation of professionalism, which has been a keystone for success in this industry over many years.

In Work was established by Managing Director, Ralph Hunter, also Managing Director of In Work International.