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Our international partners are located in The United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, The Philippines, The United States of America and Korea.


Hot Jobs

We specialise in industries such as Automotive, Agricultural Machinery, Hospitality and Aviation. Our business supplies skilled people to many industries when and where needed. We keep up to date daily with skill requirements globally so are able to quickly meet the current needs of industry.

The following vacancies have been lodged with In Work by our Business Clients and reflect the shortages in the national marketplace.

We encourage you to apply giving as much information as possible. This allows us to better compare your application against the criteria that the employers have provided. Remember, one small piece of information can make a difference in being selected for an interview or job.

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In Work is well known as a Company with a very high reputation of professionalism, which has been a keystone for success in this industry over many years.

In Work was established by Managing Director, Ralph Hunter, also Managing Director of In Work International.